Complete Tilt

Leviat has combined the products and services of three industry-leading brands – Meadow Burke, Thermomass, and Halfen – to deliver comprehensive thermal and moisture detailing, insulation layouts, lifting and bracing design, anchoring products, and engineering support for the insulated tilt-up construction industry.

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High performance products from industry-leading brands

Meadow Burke products are known across the construction industry for engineered precision and durability for use in precast, tilt-up, forming, reinforcing, and road & bridge construction. Meadow Burke products make the construction industry safer, faster, and more cost-effective.

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Thermomass concrete insulation systems for use in plant precast, tilt-up, and cast-in-place projects boast a 40-year history of unmatched performance. Thermomass products have helped thousands of contractors create insulated concrete walls that maximize energy-efficiency, durability, and performance.

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Halfen products have a well-earned reputation for precision engineering and are the concrete construction industry’s first choice for cast-in channels, balcony connectors, and other anchoring and fixing technology.

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Complete Tilt


Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated project manager will see your job through from start to finish – coordinating analyses, estimates, detailing support, and delivery dates.

Detailing Assistance

Our technical team will review panel drawings to ensure optimal thermal and moisture detailing has been incorporated.

Consolidated Panel Manual

One consolidated manual includes instructions, installation advice, and panel drawings that illustrate insulation layouts and lifting and bracing hardware locations.

Timely Deliveries

All insulation, lifting, and bracing material deliveries are coordinated to reach the job site at the right time.

Envelope Analyses

Comprehensive analyses will be completed to ensure your project will meet or exceed thermal and moisture control targets.

Lifting/Bracing Support

Every panel is reviewed for proper lifting and bracing engineering. Supplied manuals detail hardware locations and installation instructions.